Hosted TeamSpeak SDK Service

Hosted TeamSpeak SDK

TeamSpeak SDK FastPass

Start using our Hosted TeamSpeak SDK Servers in North America, Europe, and Asia right away!

  • Limited to 50 concurrent users.
  • Upgrade to the paid unlimited service when you're ready. 

TeamSpeak SDK

Create Voice Sessions for your game or application using our REST API and connect clients to our TeamSpeak SDK Servers using the TeamSpeakSDK ( .

  • Billed monthly on the first of the month based on the service you use.
  • One time $50.00 setup fee

Pricing Tiers

<10,000 Peak Concurrent Users* $0.25 per
>10,000 Peak Concurrent Users* $0.23 per
>50,000 Peak Concurrent Users* $0.20 per
>75,000 Peak Concurrent Users* $0.18 per


Peak Concurrent Users - The average 'Daily Peak Concurrent Users' during a month. 

Daily Peak Concurrent Users - The highest number of users that were connected at any single point during one day.

Cost = Price * Peak Concurrent Users